August 2, 2011

Notes from the field

My questiobns for you is what gives you meaning in the summer?  What eliivens your senses throught the seasons' colors and textures?  In the farm context the meaning of summer is happening now!  Dig Deep is climaxing to the peak of our season with tomato vines on the verge of busting with clusters of red, yellow, pink and gold fruit.

This weeks bag screams summertime stovetop coconut curry all over it.  Use a coconut base with the lemongrass and include the green beans, onion, summer squash and potatoes for flavors and colors.

The potatoes this week: the yukon golds and adirondack reds are creaming in texture and tend in skin.  The green bean variety is called Jade - our favorite, slender, crunchy, and sweet.

As usual, enjoy the greens; we anticipate tomatoes next week with this continued heat.

Happy eating and enjoy this bag of plenty!

Best - Dig Deep