July 31, 2018

Notes from the field

The gold potatoes looked irresistable!

It is hard to believe we are seven weeks into the bag share already - the weeks ahead look promising. The rain brought food security!

The transition from July to August is one of my favorites. I've found myself reflecting on images from when we grew everything on one acre and the chorus of bloms that occured in one central place... it is a chance to see which seeds from the dark months of waiting and planning have grown to gruit.

What's in the bag
  • leaf lettuce
  • swiss chard
  • 4 onions
  • 2 squash
  • 3 cukes
  • 1 dill
  • 1 qt of gold potatoes
  • 1 asian eggpland

Enjoy the food and the beautiful week ahead!

Go swimming!

Dig Deep