July 3, 2012

Dear Dig Deep CSAers -

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This past weekend opened my mind and heart with the joyous occasion of sharing the farm with others - what brought us together were our onions and leeks.

I am beginning to consider changing the name of the farm from "Dig Deep" to "Knee Deep" - (maybe just for the month of July)  The combination of sun and rain has brought about the usual chaos of everything needing to happen at once: weed onions, week leeks, weed potatoes, weed winter squash, weed beets, trellis tomatoes, weed beans, seed more fall crops, rototile walkways - hence "Knee Deep" for "knee deep" in farm tasks.  Thankfully for experience prioritization and organization and timing are necessary and critical.

What's in the bag:

Everything was picked fresh monday/tuesday.  I think the heavy rains have lesssened the leaf quality of the salad greens - try using it in 5 days vs 7.

Your bunched suatee green is broccoli raab, a pungent leand and tender stalk - delicious with olive oil, garlic scapes and fresh lemon zest; it goes well with "Italian" cooking.  You'll receive swiss chard next week.

There is a salad turnip, mild and sweet, for fresh eating, with your radishes.

We worked throught the weedend flush with 40 human hours invested into those onions and leeks.  I see the weekends ahead as an opportunithy to open the door to you all.  I welcome people to come have a "taste" of our workshare opportunities.  If anyone is interested, is is one 3 or 4 hours shift, preferably on a weekend day or monday afternoon, and we will gladly credit your efforts with more food.  Workshare is a great time to see and contribute to the farm's physical growth; please contact me, dalziel to sign-up.  I'd love to work with you all between now and mid September.

Enjoy and get ready, the heat is turning up, and there is no looking back!  Summer is here and here come the veggies - everyone received small trinkets of some Dig Deep Farm 1sts

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

♥♥♥ Dig Deep Farmers