January 31, 2012

The Dirty Life,  A memoir of Farming, Food, and Love by Kristin Kimball, recently made its way to me through the mail from a dear friend.  So far, so good. 

It is the story of Essex Farm, a farm in upstate New York that provides a "whole food" diet year round to their CSA members.  Whole foods being grains, veggies, meat, dairy, and maple syrup.
At Goranson Farm, Carl, Jan and Rob's 21 year old son has been considerably influenced by experiencing Essex Farm this time last year.  This pas summer Carl decided to take a bit of time off from college and since then has bought two cows; Frida who is pregnant, and Halo, who calved in December.  I will be learning to milk Halo to help alleviate the rather timely schedule that Carl has been keeping with his girls.
January around the farm has been busy and manageable.  It is time for all to delve a little deeper, assess the past season, and gain a sense for the coming season.  Having now three farms (Carl's raw milk production has its own farm name), within a farm.  We celebrate ans assess how we shape and influence one another collectively and where/how we can continue to give to this rather passionate adventure of producing food.
Please read The Dirty Life.  I can loan my copy out when I am through.  It will be a quick read.
Oh yeah, the bag... its graced with a yummy mix of potatoes, colored carrots, orange carrots, and kitchen grade carrots; yellow onions, beets, and garlic.
I think we ill have one more bag share distribution on February 21st.  I will be in touch about the contents and price.  It will probably include pea shoots, a rather tasty easy to grow green.
Enjoy!  All the veggies this week would make great soups and stews!
Much, Much Heart & Soul