Winter 2011 - 2012 Schedule

IMAGINE: the taste of harvest crops gracing your table this late fall and winter; carrot ginger soup; roasted beet and toasted walnut salad; pizza topped with winter squash and caramelized onions; hot German potato salad made with waxy finterling potatoes - a seasonal palette of savory, mineral-rich local, organid foods!

The Dig Deep Farm late fall/winter season has "fruits of labor" to share; out late fall harvest yields shows our proficiency gained over the seasons of farming. We will be offering a winter distribution while our stores last.

We are approaching our distribution like a buyer's co-op, meaning every distribution needs to have at least 5 to 10 interested people, one can choose when they need a veggie supply, and one needs to choose a place of pickup. We will offer a 3-week distribution cycle, all to happen on Tuesdays with options for an on-farm pick up in Dresden from 12p.m. to 1:30p.m., to come to the Augusta Mill Park Farmer's Market from 3:00 - 4:30p.m., or an organized drop-off to a Hallowell contingent if a person is willing to lend shelter for bags of veggies (any willing participant(s) can contact me at

The Dates for pick-up/distribution are as follows: November 29th, December 20th; January 10th 2012, January 31st 2012, February 21st 2012, and so on while storage supplies last. Each bag will be a $20.00 value; please have a payment available at the time of pickup.

We will offer a steady stream of carrots and onions, balanced with parsnips, beets, potatoes, with a touch of celeriac and rutabaga for added flavors and cooking challenges; if the seasonable weather holds we may be able to include salad greens in the November bag and kale in December. Wow, who knew seasonal eating could be sooooo goooood!

If the winter distribution appeals to you, your family, or as a creative gift option for a friend please contact me via email or phone. I will send an e-mail a week before the distribution dates as a reminder, and to see who would like to paticipate in the pick-up. Those interested in the November 29th distribution please contact me no later than Monday November 28th at 7:00 p.m., this ensures ample time to pack a bag for you.

On the Tuesday's mentioned above we will also be attending the Augusta Mill Park Farmer's market with our available produce from 3-4:30p.m. Meanwhile, please continue to stay in touch and come back to this site for any new fall/winter/spring news.

Have a safe, happy, and soul warming holiday and winter season. Many thanks for all of your 2011 participation!




Dalziel Lewis
and all of Dig Deep Farm, thank you one acre