Dig Deep Farm Fall 2011 - Potluck and Season Extension

Hello CSAers and friends-

I hope this note finds you all enjoying the beginnings of the fall season. The end of season to-do list is coming into scope: the root vegetable harvest, mowing and discing summer vegetable crops that have gone-by, seeding open ground with cover crop for the winter, seeding and mulching garlic, securing the outdoor winter greens growing experiment, cutting new tomato trellises; the list grows and priorities shift as cooler temperatures draw near; thoughts for next season are coming to fruition as the physical efforts for this season draw to a close.

A few hopes and thoughts for the end of season involve your input/interest, please take a look:

  1. I have decided that this year we will be offering a “Week 18: Fall Harvest Bag.” The bag would be filled with a supply of carrots, potatoes, onions, beets, a bunched green or Chinese cabbage, and perhaps parsnips, rutabega and a few hot peppers. This fee for the bag is $25.00 and you would receive a $27.00 value, along with a wholesale price rate for most of the bulk crops.

    The fall harvest bag would be available for pick-up at the farm or our Augusta Farmer’s Market stand on TUESDAY OCTOBER 25, 2011 from 2-6p.m.. Please let me know if you are interested and we will put your name on the list.

    A reminder to all is that we will be at the Mill Park Farmer’s Market in Augusta on Tuesdays, 2-6, thru November 22, 2011; the Sunday 11a.m.-3p.m. Hallowell Farmer’s Market thru October 30, 2011; and in downtown Gardiner, across from the post office on Saturday mornings, from 9a.m. to 12p.m. thru October 15, 2011.

  2. CSA family and friend Potluck:
    People have been expressing interest! Fabulous! Let’s Do It!

    I have been thinking that the location could be the Gardiner City Common, it is a seemingly central location for you all and a good public location; one year soon, with hopes for adequate land acquisition and growing infrastructure, next year, we can meet at the farm.

    In a CSA newsletter a date possibility was for Saturday October 15th.  From talking with CSA members, I wanted to offer a few more options and we could all vote. Please place your vote, mark all times that are available and get back to me by Friday October 7, 2011 by the late evening. The options are for Sat 10/15, Sat. 10/22, or Sun 10/23. With light decreasing as it has, I suggest that we congregate between 5-5:30, enjoy a meal together and visit between 5:30-6:30, and for anyone willing, a small game of kickball with headlamps.

    If people could bring their own blankets, plates, forks, and a dish to share with 5-6 people, we will provide a tent, tables for food dishes, fresh salad, roasted potatoes, water and drinking cups.

Please let me know your thoughts.  To vote, feel free to e-mail or call (207)-215-3732 or vote online.