September 20, 2011

Notes from the field:

The field is full of green: the oat/vetch cover crop is about three inches tall in the open patches of the fields we manage.  We sense, in the rapidly cooling afternoons, that it is time to begin the harvest, frost feels to be approaching - enjoy thelast tasts of summer:  the cucumber and zucchini summer squash; the tomatoes will be comin in hither and thither these days.  The rather large root with bright green tops is celeriac - it is great roasted with carrots adn/or beets, usi in place of celery in soup, shred it like cole slaw and mix with fresh apple and dried cranberry, make a casserole of sorts with potatoes and celeriac.


What's in the box?
  • Salad mix
  • Choose:Yellow beans or Sugar Snap Peas
  • Choose: 1 pint of juliet or slicing tomatoes
  • 1 bunch mixed carrots
  • Sweet pepper
  • Summer squash
  • slicing cucumber
  • celeriac

There are three weeks remaining in the bag share pick-up - the last day is Tuesday October 11. I will be in touch about possibilities for a fall storage bag or "Week 18", something we tried last year.

Please check your calendars and your level of interest - would people like to participate in a CSA potluch on Saturday, late afternoon, October 15th?

We are the proud recipients of a used washing machine! We hope to convert this into a greens spinner this winter! Many thanks to David and Anna Perkins!

You all win my heart in different ways.


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