About Us

Dig Deep is a Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) Farm.  We raise MOFGA certified organic vine fruits, cut flowers and mixed vegetables for year-round availability through our CSA and farmer’s market at Mill Park in Augusta, ME.
Dig Deep is now based in South China, ME.  We lease 7 acres of land in cooperation with Good Morning Farm at Three Level Farm – off of Route 32 north in South China.  Dig Deep has had the deep honor of working collaboratively and inter-generationally on land bases with farmers since 2009; first with Goranson Farm in Dresden, ME, and in 2015 with Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus.
Three Level Farm is based on 145 acres of vegetable ground, pasture, woods, sloped land for a small orchard, and buildings for living, storage, and growing.   The property was once known as The French Farm, farmed as mixed vegetables and as a dairy.  Three Level Farm is a multi-household community, with intention to share the land-base for diversified agriculture purposes; it is this focus that helps allow for Dig Deep and Good Morning Farm’s collaboration.


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What is Community Supported Agriculture?

CSA farming offers the customer an opportunity to have a direct relationship with the food one eats by knowing one’s farmer, becoming connected to the land, and the processes of how their food is grown.

A Dig Deep Farm CSA member:

  • Joins an ecologically beneficial cycle of food production.
  • Helps their CSA farmer with spring production costs.
  • Receives cooperative cost benefits towards their weekly choices of seasonal, organic veggies grown in quality soil.
  • Sustains the productivity of Maine Farmland and local economy

Why Have us Grow  your Food?

We believe that a healthy community grows with healthy food. We are MOFGA certified Organic. We strive to employ environmental and socially minded practices to make our food accessible and affordable, one way we do this is through work-share membership, please talk to us about this. Plus…. We love what we do!


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